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Invest in operating system installation service in Gastonia, Shelby, Belmont and Mt. Holly, NC

Operating system installation service creates the ultimate user-friendly experience. An operating system's primary function is to make sure everything on your computer is working properly. From simple actions like how your mouse moves to complex features like Wi-Fi and Siri, the operating system manages them all.

Let Reliable Computer Solutions handle your operating system installation. Schedule your appointment with our experts in Gastonia, Shelby, Belmont and Mt. Holly, NC today.

Start using your computer or tablet today

If you've purchased a new computer and need help setting it up, rely on our team in Gastonia, NC, additionally serving Shelby, Belmont and Mt. Holly, NC for computer setup services. We'll handle everything from installing your favorite apps to arming your computer or tablet with top-notch virus protection software. Whatever you need to make your computer function properly, you can count on us to install it.

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Hard Drive Replacement

We also offer hard drive replacement in your computer. We will pull out malfunctioning hard drives and replace them with brand new hard drive. We can also install Windows or whatever systems you originally had in place. It is important to replace your hard drive in your computer in order for your computer to run smooth and safe from virus. Call us today for your hard drive replacement in the Gastonia and Shelby, NC areas today!